A NEW HOPE (initially released as STAR WARS)

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STAR WARS (retitled, A NEW HOPE). George Lucas, dir. and script. USA (Tunisia, UK): Lucasfilm (prod.) / 20th Century-Fox (US release), 1977.

See for helpful "droids" (i.e., robots), the malevolent technology of the Empire, esp. the labyrinthian mechanical world of the Death Star, and the limitations of technology in a galaxy where the ultimate force is the Force. Novelization by Lucas cited under Fiction (but see also the last sentence of the STAR WARS entry in S. F. Ency.). Discussed in TMG[1] by D. Palumbo, L. Heldreth, and passim (see Palumbo and Heldreth entries under Drama Criticism). See this Category, the entries for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI. Discussed by V. Sobchack in The Limits of Infinity.[2]