A Case of Identity

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Doyle, Arthur Conan. "A Case of Identity." UK: The Strand Magazine September 1891; USA: Strand October 1891. Collected The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes London, UK: George Newnes, 14 October 1892.[1] Available on Project Gutenberg free on line here.[2] Stories frequently collected, reprinted, and adapted (we listed to "Identity" in/on an audiobook).[3]

Detective fiction (ratiocination variety).

Mentions a sewing machine[4] and features a typewriter and Holmes's ability to identify a typescript even as he'd identify handwriting. Note for the literal domestication of mechanical high-tech in the home sewing machine, and bringing such mechanical high-tech into the home and office (and refining and feminizing some factory work) in 1890s England (and soon elsewhere).[5]

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