ALIENS (film)

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ALIENS. James Cameron, dir., screenplay. USA: Brandywine (prod.) / Twentieth Century Fox (dist.), 1986. Gale Anne Hurd, prod. James Cameron et al., story. Sigourney Weaver, star.

Sequel to ALIEN. Important film for several relevant motifs: threatening and protective containment, a highly positive superimposition of the mechanical upon the human, merging of the mechanical and the insectoid/organic in the Aliens and their on-planet habitat, a good and heroic android in the structural position of the evil android in ALIEN, and a yuppie bureaucrat from "the Company" as villain. Warner Book novelization by A. D. Foster (see under Fiction). ALIENS 3 (1992) onward are less relevant, but cf. J. Cameron and G. A. Hurd's TERMINATOR.