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ALIENS: RIDE AT THE SPEED OF FRIGHT. Ride-film opened in 1995 at Pier 39 in San Francisco and three theaters in Japan. Stuart Gordon, dir. Praxis Films, in association with Iwerks Entertainment.

Gordon quoted as saying "This will be a film beyond anything you've ever experienced . . . . Not only will you see the action, you'll 'feel' it to" (14). Based on ALIENS (q.v. under Drama), uses H. R. Giger's biomechanoid Aliens, plus the Colonial Marines' APC (armored personnel carrier) and dropship (sic), giving the audience the feel of very active and threatened mechanical environments, themselves inside the mechanical environment of a human colony on a hostile alien world. Discussed by Les Paul Robley, Cinefantastique 27.7 (March 1996): 14-15, source for this citation, and quoted.