Family Guy: "Guy Robot"

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"Guy Robot." Family Guy 14.3 (11 October 2015). Fox-TV. See IMDb entry for videographic details [1].

IMDb storyline notes, "Stewie builds a robot friend after a fight with Brian and Lois makes Peter buy a new mattress," relevant here for the robot friend, rendered in cute, anime style. The robot is gendered prepubescent male, but a bit more mature than Stewie; significant for plot and what theme there is, the robot is heuristic and capable of learning, which it does: outstripping Stewie in intelligence and getting to the point where he can build two additional robots. The robotic threesome then bully Stewie until Stewie reconciles with Brian (the talking, semi-intellectual, Prius-driving family dog), and Brian very directly resolves the problem in the canine-decorous fashion of "killing" the robots by soaking them with a hose. Note comic/satiric take on motif of a boy and his dog, with friendship with the organic trumping relationship with the robotic, with the Stewie/Brian/robot plot vaguely paralleling Lois and Peter returning — briefly — to their old, sex-battered and sex-stained mattress after trying a nice, clean new one.

Note also the "critique of pure reason" with the idea here, suggested occasionally by thinkers from Erasmus's attack on Stoics[2] to Konrad Lorenz's attack on Kant that purely rational human beings would be (in contemporary terms) unempathic sociopaths.[3] Note specific reference in dialog to Asperger's syndrome, described by the mother of a son with A.S. as "a form of autism typified by by a distinctly high I.Q. and a notable lack of emotional intelligence."[4]

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